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Milam's Revelation Cookbook

By Louise S. O’Connor

“Don’t Mess With The Cook” was a well known saying in the ranching culture. They took no guff from anyone including the boss. They ruled their kitchens with an iron hand and a meat cleaver if necessary. Regardless of where that kitchen was, whether on the ground, in a camp wagon, camp house, or the shiny new kitchen at headquarters, it was theirs, and from those kitchens came some of the best food in the world. May their genius never be forgotten.

I will always be grateful for the fact that Milam considered himself "over the hill" when Nancy (O'Connor) and I started interviewing him. We could not keep up with him even at his advanced age with "worn out thinkers and remembrances."

He says in his narrative that he was "gettin' a reputation." He did and he still has it to this day. Anyone who ever ate Mlam's food will usually comment, "My God, that man could cook!"

His food was memorable. Knowing Milam was even more memorable.