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Tales from the San’tone River Bottom

A Cultural History

Volume One: Origins

By Louise S. O’Connor

"If that San'tone river bottom could talk, the tales it would tell." 
Marye Murphy Greer

The Coastal Bend of Texas embodies a rich cattle ranching heritage, while, at the same time, creating an equally rich cultural background that grew out of the world of ranching and the combined cultures of the European, Celtic, Mexican, and African communities.  Compiled over a sixteen year period, TALES FROM THE SAN'TONE RIVER BOTTOM continues the exploration of this unique and dying culture that began with CRYIN FOR DAYLIGHT. This first volume of Tales explores the extraordinary and unusual character of this region of Texas. Louise O'Connor has documented this 180 year old culture by interviewing several hundred men and women who have lived and worked in the area.

The book contains 238 photographs from as early as the turn of the century, 4 maps, 19 original illustrations, and a wealth of narratives from 148 contributors who give insight into the cultural background surrounding the area ranches.

In their foreword, Margaret and Malcolm McLean, both notable Texas historians and archivists, said: "Cryin for Daylight" told the story of people, places and happenings that I have known all my life. It left me wanting and needing more. Louise has done it again with "Tales from the San'tone River Bottom"....No one has ever gotten as close to the people of any area as she has to the people who have lived here for several generations. Their voices and their tales rise from these pages as though they were sitting right with you..... I have never read a more moving description of how people actually lived in Texas."